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Fe vs fi test

fe vs fi test

Hello I wondered if someone could tell me what Fe actually is in your own words not a definition. Similarly what is Fi in reality not as a construct. take our free personality test! Extraverted Feeling (Fe) vs. This ties into my post, Fe -Ti vs. Fi -Te Function Pairs, where I explain how FJs and TPs focus on Fe and Ti methods and data, while FPs and TJs emphasize those of Fi and Te. Elfboy's Fi vs Fe test. 1) my feelings are easy to describe in words (conversationally, not in writing) a) often b) not often, but more so in writing Comparing cognitive function tests. fe vs fi test

Fe vs fi test - said

But we're not talking about perceiving functions in this thread, so I don't know that that's relevant. It would take hundreds of thousands amputee dating people to prove me wrong, and only one to prove you wrong.


Fe and Fi (a ramble) pt. 1 of 2

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